Reflecting on the gifts I am most grateful for,one comes to mind.  In October, 2015, my wife, Sandie was approved for the drug Harvoni, in order to treat her liver condition.  In two recent blood tests, the virus responsible for the liver condition, has been undetectable.  This will clearly extend her life expectancy and for that we are eternally grateful.  She will take the drug throughout the end of March, 2016 and will be tested repeatedly to confirm the results.  All the money in the world cannot buy our health.  I am also grateful for my health, that of, my grandchildren and my children.
Each night, I lie down to sleep, in my prayers I give thanks for my life, my gifts, and all of my family.  Positive prayer means being grateful for what we have rather than asking for what we don’t.  Example: I want more money positive prayer: I am grateful for all of my prosperity!  Negative prayer: dear God please give me more money.  Another example: positive prayer creator, I am grateful for my lessons.  Negative prayer dear God please help me rid myself of my cancer, tumor, or terminal illness.
Numerous studies have proven the positive results of prayer not only for an individual but would groups of people pray for someone else.  One need not even be sure whom one is praying to.  Perhaps it helps but it is necessary the key is to put the intention into the communication and allow it to happen.  This of course makes it part of one’s own creation and are we not the primary creator in our life?