We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala.  We are the Twelfth seat of the Council, the one known as Jalil, and we are grateful for the opportunity to speak with you.  We would ask for you to breathe and to attune to our vibrational frequency and to that of all of the columns of light that make up the Council of Shambhala.  In the process, invoke what you would call peace, integration and harmony into your world.

This is the subject matter on which we will focus in the next earth healing process.  It will be peace integration and harmony.  Peace is the absence of conflict and your world has been plagued by conflict for the last several hundred years.  The point is the planet is now ready for lack of conflict and the long period of peace and therefore we will ask your members to work in three stages.  The First will be peace, focusing upon peace within themselves and then like a blanket, imagining that peace flows over the planet like placing a blanket or quilt on a baby.  The planet is the baby and peace will be a blanket or quilt placed over it, so that it may rest in this peace.  Rest does not mean that nothing will happen, rather rest means all things happen in peace.  The Second part of the process will be one of integration.  Integrating this peace into all parts of oneself and all aspects of the planet.  This integration is a kind of settling.  Filtering all of the lessons the planet has learned, allowing all of those lessons to be integrated into the planet’s memory.  On an individual level it would be the same. Integrating all of the lessons one has learned into one’s brain, into one’s heart and ultimately into one’s soul. Breathe this into your being. This is three-part integration into the mind, into the heart and ultimately the mind\hearts information and lessons integrate into the soul. In the last piece we had integration and the last part will be harmony. Just as one can harmonize with all that is taking place around one, the planet harmonizes with all of the energies, frequencies and beings around it.  There is again a lack of conflict, there is peace, there is integration and there is harmony.  This is the work we ask you to focus upon.  It is what one might call the result, the culmination and perhaps even the consequence of all of the work done previously.  Breathe this in as much on an individual level as can be done and then allow it to be synchronized. Allow it to be integrated into the individual level and then imagine these layers of peace, integration and harmony flowing outward into, onto and through the planet.  Gift Mother Earth, Gift Father Earth with all of the peace and all of the harmony that can possibly be gifted to the planet.